The Pain, The Pain

Last week was a miserable week and I’m glad I survived it.   It started out on Monday with a lot of pain on the left side of my face, and then it moved to the right side of my face.   It was nerve pain and would move from one part of my jaw to another part.   From my ear to my bottom teeth and then to my top teeth and then to my cheekbone.   It was random and quite annoying.   Several visits to the chiropractor gave me moderate help.

By Thursday morning the pain was gone, but then there was a new pain.   This time it was a specific tooth on the lower right side of my mouth.   I couldn’t even bite down on it without pain.   This was not good.   I spent five hours that day at the dental school only to be told they couldn’t do anything until the next morning because my blood pressure was so high.   Well, it’s no wonder my blood pressure was high, I was in excruciating pain!   They sent me home with a prescription to fill.   That night I was able to get some relief from the pain.   Friday morning I went back to the dental school and they started a root canal procedure.   All they did was take out the pulp and nerves and closed my tooth backup.   After four days of swelling I am now pain-free!

Next month I’m going back for a root canal and eventually a crown.   I can only eat on one side, so it really limits what I can eat.   Right now soft foods like mashed potatoes milkshakes and pumpkin pie   are my best friends.   If I keep eating this way I might have to research the top weight loss pills.   Then again, maybe not.   I can’t really eat all that much anyway, so I might actually lose some weight.   Wouldn’t that be nice.