I Can See Clearly Now

No, not because I’ve got new eye glasses.   A couple of friends came over yesterday and cleaned all of the windows in our house.   It’s been longer than I like to say since they were clean on the inside and the outside.   Yes, you could see out the windows, but you can see a lot better now that they are completely washed.   My friends will never know how much it meant to me and Norm for them to come over and do that for us.   Window washing is not something I can do and it’s very difficult for Norm, so it just doesn’t get done around our house.

Every time I look out the window I’m amazed at how beautiful it looks!   A little while ago I was taking a break and reclining in my wheelchair in front of my living room window.   One of my neighbors drove by in his pickup truck.   My windows are so clean now I can see the new truck accessories he has added to his prized possession.   Lucky guy.

Wheelchair accessories are more my thing.   There is one accessory I’ve been thinking would be nice to add to my spiffy motorized wheelchair.   It’s a great little tabletop that attaches to the wheelchair frame and is easily removed and adjusted as needed.   This would be great for carrying things around that fall off my lap too easily.   Just wish the price was about half of what’s listed.