Saturday Morning Pleasures

There’s something really special about Saturday morning.   It’s the one day of the week when you can sleep in and not feel guilty about it.   You can sit around in your comfy clothes of choice and read magazines or other fun things.

This morning I took pleasure in sitting under my pine tree feeling the cool breeze.   I read a magazine and enjoy listening to the birds.   There was this particular bird chirping that sounded familiar, so I looked up and found the Verdin.   I haven’t seen him or her for a while, but I did notice last week that there was a nest in their usual place.   It seems like they take it down and rebuild it during the year.

Today what I noticed was rather interesting.   This particular Verdin was taking pieces from an existing nest and using them to construct another nest further up the tree.   He was actually recycling.   Imagine that?   Could it be that he chose to recycle the existing nest because last week a group of my friends came over and raked up every single pine needle on my front yard?   We have rock now and there aren’t too many pine needles on the ground yet, although there are lots of bird droppings on the brick path.

While I marveled at the little bird’s ingenuity, I began to ponder.   What if birds could access the Internet?   The little guys could list their available nests for rent on Craig’s List.   Migrating birds could google for travel deals and vacation homes.   Imagine the possibilities.   They could actually rule the world.