Hello Again.

Here I go again.   It’s kind of fun sitting in for Karen on her blog site.   I consider this a move into the BIG Leagues considering the size of readership on my site.   It’s like doing the news on a local radio station and receiving a call to fill in on a radio news network where the newscast is heard on not one but hundreds of stations.   Big Time.

I find it very interesting all of the new gadgets that are coming out that sure to make it easy to handle the simple but really not that simple task of passing, or storing “data” including pictures and video from computer to computer.   Karen has one, as do I.   Mine is in the back of our house, Karen’s in the front.   If we need to transfer stuff   a   flash drive sure come in handy.   If my memory is correct, when we first we’re married in 1999, when we wanted info to go from one to the other it was long and involved.   But now, we have a physical link between the two, and a couple of the flash drives that we use from time to time.   But it’s so easy to do.   That, to me, makes it cool.