Retro Look

This weekend we had lots of errands to do, one of which was to purchase ink cartridges for our printers.   We ended up at one of our local office supply stores and you can’t go in there and just grab one thing without spending a few moments to look around at all the neat stuff like notebooks and pens and of course computer stuff. I always enjoy looking at the latest computers.   There they are on one row looking so shiny and new.   They seem to be getting smaller and smaller too.   Looking at all these slick notebook and desktop computers made me wonder why you never see anything with a retro design.   Even TVs are the same way, you never see a retro design on television or computer.   Wouldn’t they look cool with industrial knobs and everything chunky?   If money was no object I would decorate my home and office environments with mission style or craftsman style furnishings.   You don’t see televisions or computers that fit into those decor themes.   Perhaps there’s money to be made on that?   I’ll have to give it some thought when I have nothing better to think on.