The Cancer Sign

It happened again this week another person I know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately it’s not a deadly thing anymore, but it’s still a life-changing event nonetheless. My friend is dealing with all of the things that one goes through including receiving the cancer diagnosis without full information and having to wait over the weekend to find out if it’s the deadly kind. During that weekend she thought she might die from cancer and so for her life took on a whole new meaning.

For the last several years it seems as though more and more women I know are getting cancer of some sort, but mostly breast cancer. No one really knows why. All of these women come from different backgrounds and ages. Some suspect that it could be an environmental factor. Could environmental factors cause breast cancer? I suppose it could just like asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma. At least we know now that we should stay away from asbestos, but what is it that we don’t know that’s causing breast cancer?

Back to my friend… in spite of that scary weekend she is blessed by three things. First, she knows God is with her and he is the ultimate healer no matter what the medical diagnosis may be. Second, she has the full support of a loving husband and family and friends who stand in the gap with prayer and support. Third, she has a will and a tenacity to learn all she can to fight this enemy of her body. Because of those things I know the Cancer sign will not be the dreaded end.