The Man Who Runs America

It seems that House Democrats are considering a resolution to reprimand Rush Limbaugh for suggesting there are phony soldiers criticizing the war in Iraq.   Have they got nothing better to do?   Rush Limbaugh is a defender of all the true soldiers in this country and the Democrats in Congress have done nothing but criticize and accuse and malign the American soldier.   Rush is right, there are lots of phony soldiers out there claiming to have been in the Iraq war, or other wars, and wear medals they have not earned, only to be outed as people who have never served or were kicked out of the military during boot camp.   In fact, last December Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act to allow prosecution of people who claimed medals that they had not earned.

Well, if Rush can endure the media humiliation he received while undergoing drug treatment for his addiction to painkillers, then I’m sure he can endure anything House Democrats want to throw at him.   After all, he is the man who runs America!   (I’m only kidding.)