One of my neighbors has put their house up for sale.   It seems they bought another house not too far from here that’s bigger and better.   I have discovered this week that humans aren’t the only ones interested in improving their real estate options. The other morning I sat on my front porch and watched the birds flying around the yard.   One in particular, a Verdin, was quite busy collecting pine needles.   He was building another nest in my pine tree.   He already has two nests, one of which I saw him build last spring, but this time he is building one even higher up in the tree.   I guess he likes the view from up there? What was most interesting was that he was taking bits and pieces from the other two nests to use as building material for the new one.   It was like watching an episode of This Old House where they are showing the homeowner how they can improve the quality of the home by using reclaimed flooring from another house.   Too funny!