25 Minutes of My Life Wasted

That is until Rush came on the air.   Let me back up — I was watching (gulp) Katie Couric (gulp) on the CBS evening news. 😡   I never watch the evening news, unless Norm makes me, and he never watches the CBS version.   He usually watches NBC.   Anyhow, I heard on the radio and via Matt Drudge that Rush Limbaugh would be doing a 90 seconds spot tonight during the “free Speech” segment.

I should’ve gone with my first instinct to record the program so I could just fast-forward until Rush came on.   But I was too lazy to set up the DVR.   So there we are watching and I’m getting sicker by the minute. 😥   One story after another berating President Bush on everything under the sun.   Same old CBS evening news — yuck!   I still couldn’t figure out how they came up with the story line that President Bush’s current series of speeches have been made less effective by the fact that Al Jazeera has aired an old Al Qaeda tape showing bin Laden in a training camp with the 9/11 hijackers.   How is that bad news for the president?

On to better things — Rush Limbaugh got 90 seconds and it was worth the 25 minutes I wasted watching Couric and others with useless stories that attempted to make me think a certain way.   That’s why I don’t watch the evening news unless Rush Limbaugh is going to be on.   😀

Rush is right when he says that when you negotiate with evil, evil wins and peace comes after victory, not through discussions.

BTW — Katie don’t wear white — it makes you look very pale.