24: Day 5 12:00 a.m.

It’s a good thing I was nibbling on some dark chocolate during this episode because it was all I could do to keep from screaming at the television!

Just when we thought Jack Bauer was going dark for a while and get some rest it turns out that his girlfriend’s father, Heller the Sec. Def., decides he knows better how to deal with the situation and sidelines Jack and his own daughter in what turns out to be the worst thing he could’ve done.

Audrey is possibly fatally wounded by Henderson and Jack Bauer gives up the recording to Henderson in order to have a chance to save Audrey. (Based on the previews of next week’s episode it appears she survives — at least for a while.)

Aaron Pierce, my favorite Secret Service Agent, plans to rendezvous with the First Lady to let her in on what he knows about the evil president Logan but only Aaron’s cell phone shows up. (My theory about this is that Aaron fears for his life now that Logan’s treachery has been revealed and he leaves his cell phone behind so they can’t track him with the GPS locator.)

Henderson calls just in time to let Logan know that he has the evidence in his possession, thus giving Logan an opportunity to squash the Sec. Def. who was just about to do his own squashing of Logan. (Rats — foiled again!) Logan tells Gardner that Heller has accused him of conspiracy and Logan orders the Secret Service to remove him from the retreat.

Chloe gets caught in the Miles-trap and when she realizes she can’t charm her way out she uses her pick pocketing tricks, that she no doubt learned from Jack Bauer, to get herself out of confinement. Then she tells Sheri, who helped to set the trap, what she knows about Logan and threatens to expose her lies about Miles’s sexual harassment unless she helps her escape. Sheri let’s Chloe go out the door with a laptop.

It seems that Bill Buchanan is back in the game again and he picks up Wayne Palmer and takes him to the secret CTU headquarters at Bill’s house. Chloe shows up there ready to do battle on the Internet because she’s worried that if Jack gets captured by the fake CTU people it will be all her fault.

What’s going to happen next week? Will Mike Novick believe Logan’s story about wanting to arrest Jack so the Chinese won’t know he is alive? What will Sheri do now that she knows about the evidence against president Logan? Where is Agent Pierce? Perhaps he is up to something? I’m going to need more dark chocolate for next Monday evening!