Abdul Rahman — Needs Our Prayers

By now most of you have probably heard of this Afghanistan man who is facing the death at the hands of his government because he converted to Christianity 16 years ago. Apparently the man was turned in by his family because he is seeking custody of his children. You can read tons more about this man’s situation at Michelle Malkin’s blog, Fox News, and the National Review online. I sent an e-mail to the Afghan Embassy in Washington, DC expressing my concern for this man’s situation. Here is what I wrote:

Ambassador Jawad,

I wish to express my concern for a citizen of your country, Abdul Rahman, who is facing death at the hands of your government because he has chosen to follow Jesus Christ. This man has made a choice about what religious belief he wishes to follow, which is a fundamental right of all humans, regardless of what country they live in. From what I understand, this man has committed no crime and had lived as a good citizen. Why would Afghanistan choose to put to death such a person?

American blood was shed and American money was given to create and support your current government. To put someone on trial for choosing a religion other than Islam is not what our men and women gave their lives for. This trial must not be permitted to proceed. To put someone on trial for their religious beliefs would give legitimacy to the notion that government has the right to dictate and punish religious choices of citizens. No government has that right! Even the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the fundamental human right of choosing one’s religious beliefs.

In the name of God and of all that is good and right in the world, I plead with you to do something to stop this trial and release this man who has done no wrong.

According to news reports governments around the world including ours are asking the government of Afghanistan to stop this nonsense. There can be no democracy in a country where Islamic law supersedes human rights. Some news reports are stating that Rahman may be declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. If that happens it will be no different than what goes on in other countries such as China. People are declared to be mentally defective because they disagree with the government and they are put away for reprogramming. Totally disgusting!

The sad truth is that Abdul Rahman is one of countless numbers of people around the world who are persecuted on a daily basis for their faith in Christ. These people are not always persecuted directly by the government. In many places they are persecuted by their families and more often than not they are killed for their beliefs by mobs. These people need our prayers.