My Thoughts Exactly!

My BlogSister Pat has written an excellent post today on free world imperialism. Here is an excerpt:

“We are an Empire. We are Imperialists. Not only do I not argue this, I am personally glad we are. Democracy is good, it works, and those who may be unready for it still need our help to win it. More is better.”

Please go read the rest because she words it so well — far better than I ever could. She captures my thoughts exactly.

Also, Pat links to a blog written by the girlfriend of a Marine who is returning to Iraq. She started the blog to express her thoughts while he is away fighting the good fight. The blog post Pat links to is the Marine’s responds to those who have unjustly maligned his girlfriend for sharing her support of him in spite of her fears. It seems there are those who would use her fears against her. Unbelievable! Do go read his reply because it’s the kind of thing you won’t hear about on the evening news or read about in the newspaper.