New Year’s Eve 2005

My wonderful husband Norm came down with a sore throat yesterday so we decided to cancel our exciting plans of dinner and a movie so we could stay home and nurse him back to health. I thought perhaps I could find a good movie on TV to occupy our evening and enjoy some Chinese takeout. I did not have much luck with finding good Chinese takeout or anything remotely interesting on TV. (To my friend who encourages me to become a food critic online — this restaurant is not worth getting a free dinner out of and they don’t even have a web site.)

While Norm watched reruns of Law and Order I amused myself with the Falling Sand Game. Check it out — it’s great if you’re really bored. Scroll down to the bottom of the game window to see the tools you can use to play this game.

Before you start feeling terribly sorry for me, please know that I’ve never really been much into New Year’s Eve festivities since I don’t like to stay up too late. Most years I’m in bed before midnight only to be awakened by the sound of fireworks, gunshots and car horns as other people in the neighborhood ring in the new year.

The best New Year’s Eve party I ever went to was back in my college days. It was probably around 1986 or 1987. Our young adult group at church had a great party in which we borrowed someone’s video camcorder (you know the really big ones that used a regular VCR tape) and divided up into groups to make our own TV programs. I was in charge of producing spoofs on commercials for products like coffee that makes your guests want to leave in a hurry. Other groups performed The Dating Game and the evening news using headlines from the National Inquirer. At the last minute I also participated in one of those news stories as an eyewitness to an alien invasion. After we spent the evening filming, everyone came over to my parents home for pizza and to view our video. In case you are reading this Cindi V., do you remember that night? I wonder who has that videotape?

May you have good health and blessings from God in 2006.