The Office Christmas Party

Norm is self-employed and works out of our home. Every year we have “the annual office Christmas party” which is usually just the two of us and sometimes a friend. Last night we decided it was time to have our little party so we made our trek out for pizza (see story below) and came home to enjoy our dinner and festivities. I turned on Christmas music and we begin to eat. So we are eating our pizza and I ask Norm, “What are we supposed to do at an office Christmas party?” Norm replies, “Eat, drink and be Mary!” I look at Norm and say, “Well we are eating and drinking, but I can’t be Mary because I’m Karen.” “No, I don’t want you to be Mary either — she is my ex-wife!” LOL Other than watching the cats be silly that was best laugh we had during our party. (Oh what an exciting life we lead…)