Video Blogging Weenies

The link to the video is at the end of this post.

My handsome and talented husband, Norm, has continued searching through the family film vault to find more 8mm clips of me when I was a wee lassie (“little girl” for you non-Scottish types). This week’s collection brought back some old memories! The first part of the clip you’ll see my mother and my grandmother on a merry-go-round at the park with me and my cousins. I had such a little tiny wheelchair in those days — I was probably about four or five years old so I would say it was around 1968 or 1969. They put the wheelchair on the merry-go-round so I could ride with the other kids! (Mom and I had matching dresses that she made herself.) I remember that event because as you will see the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile showed up at the park and they gave us kids tiny whistles that looked like hot dogs. If you’re over 40 you might remember seeing those whistles as a kid.

The next part of a video shows me with curls sitting in a little rocking chair holding a kitten. Unfortunately 8mm film didn’t have audio capability in those days so I have no idea what I am saying but I seem to be pretty excited about that kitten. My mom and dad are in the clip as well and boy did they look young way back then. The last part of the video shows me being pushed in my tiny wheelchair, holding onto my lunchbox, going to the school bus and my mom picking me up to put me on the bus as I wave to the camera.

I was bused to school in another town. It was a school for the handicap and I went there for kindergarten, first and second grades. This was while we lived in Costa Mesa, California but the school was in Santa Anna. It was not anywhere near my neighborhood. I think the name of the school was Carl Harvey School for Crippled Children. Yes, back in the day I was known as a crippled child. Definitely not politically correct terminology today. Who cares! I’m proud to be a crippled kid! (Note to you “PC” types — for the self-esteem of a young child I would never use that terminology today but in those days nobody knew any different and I don’t ever remember being ashamed of that title.)

Okay here it is — click here to see this video of me. It’s a little over a minute long and don’t forget to turn up the volume and click play. Enjoy!

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