Island in the Sky

Norm and I watched this 1953 John Wayne classic this evening about a transport plane that crash-lands in the frozen wastes of Labrador and the pilot, John Wayne, has to keep his men alive in deadly conditions while awaiting uncertain rescue. I had never seen this particular John Wayne movie before so it was fun to see an old movie that was new to me. It was black-and-white and we enjoyed it because there were so many old but young familiar faces in this movie. I don’t know what his real name is but one of the characters was a young copilot who was played by Alfalfa from the old “Our Gang” kids movies from the 40s. He looked like he was probably about 20 years old in this movie. John Wayne’s character was of course the leader type and the hero of the story but he was also a man who showed he had doubt and fear which is unusual for John Wayne movies. If you’ve never seen this one you gotta do it because it’s a good one. It was definitely refreshing to see a movie where no one used constant profanity and no one committed adultery. They just don’t make movies like that anymore.