News Story Flashbacks

I was watching the news this evening and a story came on about a baby leopard at the zoo that had surgery on its heart. My mind flashed back to a funny thing I remembered about seeing a news story on zoo animals a few years ago.

It was probably 12 years ago when I was living in San Diego. I needed dental work done and I went to a new dentist. He did a good job but was extremely fast to the point of my feeling a bit rushed during the procedure and I told him I thought he was rather rough on me because he was going so fast to complete the procedure. His name was Dr. Faust and he apologized but said that it was just the way he worked.

About a week later I was watching the evening news and a story came on about a gorilla at the San Diego Wild Animal Park that needed dental work. A local dentist, Dr. Faust, performed the procedure even though he was not a veterinary dentist. The person reporting the news noted how quickly the procedure needed to be performed because they could only keep the gorilla sedated for a short time. I couldn’t believe it — there was my dentist working on the gorilla at the zoo. Now I understood why he worked so quickly. I guess I would too if I was inside the mouth of a gorilla.