Now that I have your attention… I like chocolate and there are times when I can’t get enough of it and times when I won’t even touch it. It’s been weeks and weeks since I had any really good chocolate. When I say good chocolate I’m not talking about a Hershey bar or Cadbury’s or anything else you can find in a drugstore. Sees dark chocolate — is the only kind I like. Don’t even bother with Godiva because it doesn’t even come close. There are two Sees candy stores near me but I can’t get any candy from them right now because it’s too hot. When the temperature reaches 110 ° you can’t buy chocolate and bring it home because it melts. Bummer. I guess I’ll have to wait until I find an excuse to go to the mall because at least I can eat a couple of pieces while I’m there.

Chocolate Reminiscing: About four years ago I had a really bad case of pneumonia/bronchitis. I managed to stay out of the hospital but I was really sick and Norm didn’t want to leave me alone at home even for just an hour. At that time we had a small accessible van rental business we ran from our house. Norm often delivered vans to the airport or wherever the customer needed it. We got a call one day from someone who needed a van to pick up a friend who used a wheelchair. He wanted it delivered to his hotel but Norm explained his concern about me and asked the man if there was any way he could come pick up the van from our house. During the conversation the man asked about my health and wanted to bring me some candy to cheer me up. Norm told him I liked Sees candy. To my surprise the man showed up that evening with a 2 pound box of chocolates. What a nice gentleman. 🙂