It’s Friday and We Got Cake!

Last night I went online and ordered our groceries and they were delivered this morning. Each time I go on they are offering something new. Not only can you order regular grocery stuff but you can also order from the bakery. We don’t eat a lot of deserts around here (yeah right) but when I saw that you can order cake by the slice I could not resist. So along with all the other groceries like bag of salad, bananas, milk, cereal, tortillas, etc. there was cake! Too cute little plastic boxes of white cake (a huge cut of cake actually) with white frosting and purple frosting flowers with green frosting leaves. Yummy! I can’t wait until dinner!

It’s Friday so Norm is taking me on a date to the movies after he makes dinner, of course. I am so lucky — cake and a date on the same day!

Update: (10:09 p.m.): The cake was good and so was the movie “Batman the Beginning.”