The Treatment of a Brain-Damaged Woman Versus Prisoners of War at Gitmo

Teri Schiavo’s autopsy report was released today. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it and how the media is saying that it proves she was in a persistent vegetative state and not physically abused — oh, and she was blind. They just don’t get it — it doesn’t matter if her brain was only half the size it should be and she was blind — you just don’t deny a living human being food and water. How ironic that reports of “torture and abuse” of terrorists held as prisoners of war at Gitmo make us look like the bad guys and yet a judge allows a man to deny his wife food and water.

I was angry about Teri Schiavo’s treatment and I’m still angry about it. It doesn’t matter that she was blind or that her brain was half the size it should be. She still deserves food and water. Food and water are not medical treatment — they are necessities of life for all human beings no matter how we may view their quality of life. I think it’s highly possible that Teri Schiavo’s brain shrunk because of the lack of stimuli brought on by the fact that her husband placed her in hospice care several years ago and denied her rehabilitative treatment and even disallowed her to go out of her room or spend time outdoors. It may be that she would never recover to the person she once was but that doesn’t mean she needs to be locked away and dehydrated.

Liberals and the media are judging the way we treat prisoners of war as if we are the same kind of people as Nazi Germany, Hitler, the Pol Pot regime, and Saddam Hussein. Nothing done to those prisoners, who are terrorists who want to kill us, is as bad as anything done to prisoners of war held in Nazi Germany, the Jews of Eastern Europe, prisoners of war held in Vietnam, people living in Iraq during the regime of Saddam, people in China who want to express their religious views and are held by the Chinese government — I could go on and on. And yet, the same people who are criticizing how we treat terrorist prisoners of war are the very same people who applauded Michael Schiavo and that disgusting man who is his attorney while they tortured Teri Schiavo to death. Yes, I am angry and I sickened by the knowledge that those who are suffering and in need of help because of physical infirmity are treated worse than terrorists!

By the way, prisoners of war at Gitmo eat better than prisoners in Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County (Phoenix metro) jail where they serve green bologna and make prisoners wear pink underwear. They have to sleep in tents even when it’s 110 ° here at night. Where is Amnesty International now?