We Like Freebies

For our Friday night date Norm took me to see Cinderella Man. It was a great movie and I highly recommend it unless you are squeamish about realistic boxing shots. I have to admit I did close my eyes a lot during some of the boxing scenes. It was a wonderful story about people struggling through the Depression Era and the feelings of hope and triumph over adversity that one man brought to his community.

While we watched the previews before the film started the projector kept breaking down and we all sat there in the dark as somebody up in the projector booth would get it started again. Sure enough, during the actual film, the projector broke again. This time it took longer to fix so the manager came into the theater and apologized for the inconvenience and said the movie would start up again in a few minutes. Somebody in the audience yelled, “Hey! How about free popcorn for everyone?” The manager yelled back, “Show me your ticket stubs after the movie and I will give you a voucher for another movie.” At that point everybody began talking and you could hear people murmuring their excitement over free movie tickets. And, yes, we got ours!