Don’t Tread on Me

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Campaign Finance Reform which was nothing more than an assault on our free speech rights by maverick Senator John McCain. Even though the Supreme Court upheld it I still believe it’s a violation of our First Amendment rights given by the Constitution. To make matters worse the Federal Election Commission has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding political activity on the Internet because of a court ruling that required the FEC to include the Internet in its definition of public communications and to begin regulating activity online. Without getting into all the gory details I will sum it up by saying that there’s been quite a bit of concern expressed that these rules regarding campaign finance reform will affect people who blog on political issues and candidates. If you would like more information about this check out which talks about the opportunity to comment on the FEC’s rulemaking. I signed the online petition today. I also found the McCain-Feingold insurrection blog and by displaying this flag I have joined the insurrection!

I declare and assert that my blog is a sacred expression of my First Amendment protected right of free speech and I will say whatever I want regarding our government and anyone who runs for political office. I also declare that I have not been paid by any political organization or campaign and that if I do ever accept funds from the aforementioned I will declare it by public statement on my blog.