We get to watch the Amazing Dr. Pol tonight along with As Time Goes By for starters.

There are two other shows, but my age is blocking me from remembering their names, and I’m too lazy to look them up.  Maybe in another post I’ll get their names.

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A Project

We have been talking of replacing Karen’s desk that we bought many years ago with one that is suspend from the wall.  I think that it would be important that the desk have drawers in it so we would need to find 48″ Draw slides .

We’re lucky in that we know just the right person who would be able to work with us to design the desk and then remove the current one that she has and build her new one.


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Stayed at Home

Today Karen and her caregiver when off shopping.  I stayed home and have spent the morning cleaning up a few of my things as well as Burning CDs for my father-in-laws church in San Diego.

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In to Music?

Are you into music? If you are you might want to consider the excellent roland 20x at guitar center .

I have noticed that with the Internet it is so much easier and faster to look for such items and compare the many choices and make a decision and get the devices or musical instrument that you’re looking for than hopping in the car and looking locally.


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First Thing you Saw.

In the house that I grow up in in Denver when you walked in the front door, the first thing that you saw was an upright piano.

Today if I wanted to recreate that in our house, after moving some furniture around, I would have to  buy 88-key weighted keyboard to keep up with the times.

Then I would have to learn how to play it.

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Mid Afternoon Dreams

Spending the Arizona afternoon on our patio reading aloud a new book, I nodded off dreaming of tango lessons in los angeles .

I can’t tell you why, the book that we just started reading was about a Dr. and his assistant being driven up to a Mansion some where on the East Coast back long before I or the wife were born.  The only time I took dancing lessons was at the Denver Country Club back in the 50s.  Can figure the connection.

And I have only been drinking Lemon-Lime Gatorade.

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This Morning

Got up this morning and went about the things I normally do each morning.

Just a moment ago was asked if I had done something.  I said yes and we went about our daily routine.   The another question, and I realized that the my first answer should have been NO.

Old age is FUN!

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