Birthday Recap Part Two

OK, I bet you’ve been waiting for this one!   Norm, my often wonderful husband, arranged a birthday celebration for me with some of our friends at Norm’s favorite restaurant, the Pink Taco.   We got there early to make sure the table seating arrangement was just right, but we could have gotten there late because

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The Ups and Downs

It’s not so good to watch the news anymore.   Everything is bad as far as the media is concerned.   Especially when you look at the stock market.   I do not own any investments in stocks or bonds so on the one hand I’m not personally affected by all that I hear these days.   However, according to the nightly news everything is bad and people are in panic mode.   When people panic they can be misled into doing foolish things.

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Remembering 9-11-2001

Today I’m remembering that fateful day seven years ago.   It was a day we all felt afraid.   I remember those who died that day, even though I didn’t know them personally.   I am thankful for those who gave their life trying to save others and for those who were brave in the midst of certain death.   May God bless them and those they left behind.   Let us not forget those who continue to keep watch so that it never happens again.   I’m also thinking of those people who live in war-torn lands who do not know the peace and freedom we have here.   I pray that God would bring them hope.

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Self-Deprecating Humor

I have not been feeling well for a while — nothing to worry about — so I decided I needed a good laugh. With the Olympics in full swing this seems apropos. It cracked me up something terrible while I was making it. How would you rate our performance? Gold, silver or bronze?

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Once an Arafat Man

Back in early September 2001 Norm and I were visiting my family in San Diego for Labor Day weekend. That Sunday we were privileged to hear the personal testimony of Tass Saada. My father met Tass while visiting an old friend in Missouri. Tass is a very interesting person because he has lived a life most of us would never imagine. As a young man he was a trained sniper for the Palestinian army and fought against the Israeli army during the 1960s.

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The Loss of a Great One

The erudite William F. Buckley Jr., one of the greatest conservative thinkers of our time, passed away yesterday. Mr. Buckley always fascinated me whenever I saw him on Firing Line during my high school years, and maybe even before. The way he spoke about politics and conservative principles shaped me early on. His vocabulary was impressive and I listened to him in awe and was charmed by his wit. For me he made being intellectual, philosophical and political cool. Even my blog sis Pat has admitted to a secret crush on WFB. Now I know why she and I became friends so easily!

During my college years I discovered Young Americans for Freedom while attending San Diego State University, and knew that I had to be a part of such an organization just because he was the founder. My political science professors never had kind words for him, but I challenged their assumptions and often impressed my classmates and professors with my willingness to speak up for my conservative principles and not buy into groupthink or moral relativism. Mr. Buckley helped me to do that.

Perhaps one day I’ll get to meet Mr. Buckley in heaven and thank him for standing firm to his principles and teaching us what it means to be a conservative.   Senator John McCain could learn a few things from him!

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