My Feed Reader Is Gone

Back when blogging became a hit, there was this thing called RSS feeds which sent out a message telling readers the blogs have been updated.   My favorite feed reader has always been Bloglines, but now they are closing shop and will no longer be available as of October 1.   Now what do I do?   I don’t like changes sometimes, especially when something works well, and Bloglines works well for me.   Twitter and Facebook have changed the Internet into massive amounts of micro-blogging, which doesn’t require RSS feeds.   (That’s just my opinion, so don’t quote me on that.)

Facebook and Twitter give me a headache with too much information thrown at once that’s hard to sift through.   Information like, diet pills that give you energy and the latest political news get mixed together in the stream of Twitter and Facebook feed.   What I like about Bloglines and RSS was the ability to organize that information in meaningful ways.   Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure out a replacement soon enough.

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Lifelong Learning

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated with watching people make things.   I like to know how things are made and see the tasks involved from the beginning to the end.   It just so happens that one of my favorite television programs is How It’s Made on The Science Channel.   I love how they use cad drawings in the program’s opening sequence.   Whoever came up with this concept is very creative.   The other day I learned how whistles, fiberglass boats and toilets are made.   I suppose someday this knowledge may come in very handy.

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It’s Me Again.

Here I am again.   Karen’s husband, Norm… typing away.

When Karen “writes” a post, she dictates using a microphone connected to her computer.   Real High Tech.

But last Friday afternoon we discovered a water leak in the hallway in front of the door which opened to our Hot Water Heater.   In an effort to control your tears, it was determined that it wasn’t a leaking hot water heater, but a pipe behind the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Since mid Friday afternoon our kitchen has been closed off from the rest of our house and there are two fans…dehumidifiers,   churning away in there, trying to dry out the wall.   And not only is it hot in the kitchen itself, but noisy in the area where Karen’s computer is… just a few feet   away from the kitchen.   So with all the noise, it’s hard for her to dictate.   So here I am blogging away.

I suppose I could write a review about the fan devises in our kitchen or write several   nuphedragen reviews or one even about our 2 for 1 lunch today at Cafe ZuZu at the Valley Ho here in Scottsdale.

But, I have to be honest… my fingers are tired.

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GPS Versus Locals

My cousin is coming to visit today and she’s driving over from San Diego.   I spoke with her yesterday and told her how to get here from there, but she assured me that everything would be fine because they have GPS in the car.   So, the telephone rang a few minutes ago and I almost didn’t answer it because I thought it was somebody with a term life insurance quote.   It was my cousin telling me they missed an exit.   She told me where they were and I explained to her she was going the wrong way anyways.   Oh, but that’s how the GPS told us to go.   But the GPS doesn’t know what I know.   As a local, who has traveled the route from Scottsdale to San Diego and back many times over, I know which roads are better.   She’ll get here all right, but it’s going to take her longer.   We are planning on having lunch together.   I’m going to be good and hungry when she gets here because it will be later than we expected.   Sometimes technology is not always better.

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Interesting Techno-Tidbit

You can run but you can’t hide if you’re using GPS.   At least that’s what I learned last night while watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU.   It seems the murder suspect erased his GPS data as an attempt to cover his tracks but, he didn’t know that his GPS device’s manufacturer kept an online backup of his GPS data.   It seems the more high tech we go the more we can be tracked.

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Saturday Stuff

While Friday was a lazy day for us, Saturday turned out to be a little bit busy.   We had a nice lunch at Red Robin on the outdoor patio.   Then Norm took me to my pedicure appointment.   I haven’t had a pedicure in several months so I was long overdue for one.   As usual it was fantastic.   Suzanne is the best nail technician I’ve ever had.   I highly recommend her but, if she’s booked and you need an appointment right away, ask for Sam because she will accommodate you nicely, and she’s just as good as Suzanne.

After my appointment Norm took me home because our friend R was coming over.   She’s got Norm working on a big project for her taking still images from old videos.   Norm converts the images to JPEG’s and then transfers them to her flash drive.   Eventually she will take the flash drive to Costco and have all the JPEG’s made into prints for her family photo album.   It’s a great idea.

Later that evening Norm fixed sandwiches and we watched some movie I found on LMN.   It was a murder mystery and not half bad.   I just can’t remember the name of it.   Overall it was a nice Saturday to spend with my husband.

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