Handy Gadgets

These days it seems everyone’s walking around with a smart phone or iPod or an iPad some other tablet device.  It’s rather exciting to think that computer technology is so portable.  Just the other day I overheard a conversation at a restaurant.  Two guys were looking at an iPad while discussing insurance or something like that.  It was rather comical when the one guy took the iPad from the other one and said, “no, try this site instead.”  The look on the other man’s face while his friend grabbed his iPad was one of complete shock at the brazenness of such an action.  I almost laughed out loud.  That guy needs a shirt that says keep your hands off my stuff!

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My Blackberry Is Not Working

I love British humor! This bit is too funny.   Definitely a good giggle for us techie types.

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They are everywhere!

Almost everyone has one, at least it seems like it.   They are everywhere!   In the grocery store, in restaurants, in cars and on street corners.   What am I referring to?   Cell phones, or as they are more commonly referred to the days, smart phones.   How do you know which one to get?   I guess one needs to solicit opinions.   The other day we were at one of our favorite eateries, Wienerschnitzel, and the guy at the table next to us was playing with his smart phone.   I got brave and decided to ask him which smart phone did he have.   It was a blackberry torch.   I asked him why he preferred it to some other model.   Apparently, he prefers a slide out keyboard rather than a touchscreen keyboard.   I could see were that would make a difference.

Okay.   If you have a smart phone, which model do you own and what do you like about it?   I need to know in case I ever decide to buy one.

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Moving at the Speed of Money

We were running around doing errands and in a hurry the other day so we stopped to get a quick bite to eat at a local fast food drive-through.   Norm handed his debit card to the cashier behind the window as she was passing drinks and a bag of tacos to him.   She ran his card through one of their POS systems and gave it right back to him with the receipt.   He asked if he needed to sign their receipt and she told him it wasn’t necessary as long as the total was under $20.   Wow, it’s even faster now than we thought before.   That extra 45 seconds really saved our day!

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Birthday Follow-Up

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a birthday in October and it was quite a special day full of surprises.   The big surprise that I didn’t mention before was a very special gift I received.   In excess of 30 friends and family members contributed to a fund to get me and iPad.   It was overwhelming to realize all the effort that went into this little project spearheaded by a couple of dear friends and my father.   Some of the people who contributed I have not seen in many years or even met in person.   They live all over the country, so it truly was a West Coast and East Coast effort.   I’m still sending out thank you cards and notes to everyone.

For the time being I’m not able to use the iPad.   Because of my physical limitations it’s not easy for me to use a touchscreen device as large as the iPad.   I’m working with a local occupational therapist to jury rig a special stylus that I can use as an extension of my hand and arm, as well as a way to secure the iPad to my wheelchair so I don’t have to hold on to it.

Hopefully soon everything will be sorted out and I’ll be able to use this device.   In case you’re wondering, they got me the 32 GB model with Wi-Fi and 3G capability.

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Technology Conundrum Number 3721

Have you ever noticed how people are walking around looking at their iPhones and other handheld technology devices?   It seems that wherever you go people walking around connected to the Internet.   Sometimes it reminds me of that movie “Minority Report” in which technology is so advanced, billboards and advertisements are tailored to fit each person that passes by.   Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be?   Say for instance you are hungry and known to enjoy big Macs, so you pass by a sign that speaks to you “turn here to get a big Mac and satisfy that craving.”   Or, perhaps even more unsettling, the advertisement notices you are overweight and so it says “click here to buy lipofuze.”   And for those with children in tow, their favorite toys suddenly appear in bright flashing colors.   Yes, that could be challenging for parents but a lot of fun for marketers.

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