Tucson or Tuscan

Ever notice how people confuse Tucson and Tuscan?   Tucson is a town in southern Arizona and Tuscan refers to the Tuscany region of Italy.   Lately the word Tuscan is used to describe furnishings or food associated with Italy or the Mediterranean area.   When you live in Arizona and you see that word on a food label it easy to be confused and think it has to do with Tucson.   For instance, the other day we were at some restaurant and I was perusing the menu.   I noticed in the appetizer section there was something called Tuscan hummus.   Basically it’s white beans puréed with sesame, garlic, lemon and spices and it’s served with pita bread for dipping.   Oh, that sounded delicious.   I showed it to Norm on the menu and I think he thought it was regular bean dip from Tucson.   We ordered it and it was so good!

A couple of days later we are shopping at Trader Joe’s and in the refrigerated case I see a container of Tuscan hummus.   The squeal of joy I let out made Norm think I had found a way to get cheap car insurance.   We bought some and it’s better than the one I had at the restaurant.   So, if you’re in the mood for bean dip I highly recommend Tuscan hummus as a nouveau alternative.

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Thirsty Diner

We go out to eat quite a bit and for the most part I usually enjoy my dining experiences because of the good food and good service.   A good server will come around and ask if everything is okay and check for refills on your iced tea or beverage of choice.   Lately it seems that refills are hard to come by.   The server will come around when you first get your drinks and right after your food is delivered to see if everything is satisfactory, but then they disappear.   Just today we went out for lunch and our server came by several times early on in the meal, but at some point he disappeared and we weren’t offered refills on our beverages until he shows up with the bill for our meal.   Where was our server when we needed him?   For all I know he’s back there talking with the rest of the serving staff about the best hgh supplement or how the Diamondbacks are doing.   I need a drink refill during my meal not after I have finished it and am ready to leave.

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Dental Woes

For over a month I’ve been dealing with major dental issues.   The last couple of weeks it’s gotten worse to the point where I can only eat mushy food.  

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Pepsi Throwback Review

Typically I don’t drink a lot of soda, but now and then I really enjoy the taste of a Pepsi or Coke, especially when it’s a hot day like today is.   It’s only May but we’re already 13 or 14 days straight with triple digit temperatures.   Anyhow, I’ve seen those commercials for Pepsi Throwback and decided to give it a try.   I really like it!   Let me say that again — it’s delicious.   It reminds me of the way Pepsi tasted back in the day when you could buy a small glass bottle of it for ten cents.   Imagine that — just one dime.   I don’t think there’s anything you buy at the store these days for that price.

At first I couldn’t figure out what makes it so good, but then I realized it’s the sugar.   They’re using regular sugar instead of corn syrup to sweeten it.   I thought it would taste sweeter but it’s actually less sweet than regular Pepsi that you buy today.   No wonder I always drink Pepsi or Coke with a lime or lemon wedge.   It cuts the sweetness of the corn syrup.   With Pepsi Throwback I don’t need to add a lime because it’s just the right flavor as it is — not too sweet.

The only disappointment is that it will only be available for a limited time.   Please, Pepsi Co., consider making Pepsi Throwback available permanently.

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Turkey Day.

I realize that the official Turkey Day was last Thursday, and I celebrated in spirit, but not with a meal of Turkey and all the trimmings. Just didn’t happen that way.   But thanks to Linda and Gerry, that changed as of lunch today.   I got to feast on real Turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans and onions, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, and a roll.   They brought it over last night and I heated it up, all but the cranberry sauce, and I have to tell you it hit the spot.

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Burger Fun

Yesterday Norm took me to lunch at Red Robin. We always have a great time at Red Robin because the food is good and the people there are so nice to us.

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