In a New York State of Mind

Sometimes when my husband and I are involved in some mundane chore we like to talk about silly things.   The other day he was helping me get dressed and we were discussing our recent conversation with his daughter.   She lives in New York City and it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen her.   I know he misses her a lot even though they talk by phone several times a month.   He told me that he would love for us to go visit her one day.   I suggested it would be fun surprise for her.   We could book a room at one of those hotels on 5th Avenue and invited her to stay with us for a few days.   She could give us a tour of New York City and take us to a Broadway show.   Sure, we’re only daydreaming, but wouldn’t it be fun.

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Having reached 6’4″ at 13 years old, there is only one way for me to go when it comes to beds….KING SIZED…and I have been looking at   a king size platform bed.

It has gotten to that time in our life that we need to replace what we have in our master bedroom.   I had the furniture before 1997 when I moved into the house and that’s a couple of years before the lady of the blog and I got married.

The bed itself has been replaced twice, and I like and dislike the one we have now.   Karen likes it and it doesn’t need to be replaced.

But I find just looking sometimes is fun in and of itself.

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Holiday Memories

Today I woke up thinking about holidays past.   My mind wandered back to the late 1970s.   My family took a Branson vacation and visited my grandparents who lived in southern Missouri just outside of Springfield, not far from Branson.   They had a farm with about 58 acres along the James River.   It was their retirement home, but they were anything but retired.   My grandmother stayed busy during the holiday season making crafts and cooking up all sorts of goodies for the grandkids to enjoy.   Grandpa kept busy with his 1 acre produce garden and his horses.   By wintertime they had already sold off the cattle he raised during the year, so grandpa had lots of time to spend with his grandchildren.   We always had a blast visiting all the cousins and grandparents farm.   And of course, there would be trips to Branson to see the variety of entertainment available there.   Oh what memories!

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Birthday Follow-Up

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a birthday in October and it was quite a special day full of surprises.   The big surprise that I didn’t mention before was a very special gift I received.   In excess of 30 friends and family members contributed to a fund to get me and iPad.   It was overwhelming to realize all the effort that went into this little project spearheaded by a couple of dear friends and my father.   Some of the people who contributed I have not seen in many years or even met in person.   They live all over the country, so it truly was a West Coast and East Coast effort.   I’m still sending out thank you cards and notes to everyone.

For the time being I’m not able to use the iPad.   Because of my physical limitations it’s not easy for me to use a touchscreen device as large as the iPad.   I’m working with a local occupational therapist to jury rig a special stylus that I can use as an extension of my hand and arm, as well as a way to secure the iPad to my wheelchair so I don’t have to hold on to it.

Hopefully soon everything will be sorted out and I’ll be able to use this device.   In case you’re wondering, they got me the 32 GB model with Wi-Fi and 3G capability.

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Time Goes by Fast

So.   I had a birthday this month which means I’m another year older and hopefully wiser.   I’m not going to say how old I am, but suffice it to say that adult acne treatments are occasionally on my mind.

This year’s birthday was very different.   I got out of the hospital the day before, and I must admit I wasn’t feeling all that great on my birthday.   Norm and I had made plans but quickly canceled them because I felt very tired.   Then my dad showed up.   He made a surprise visit from San Diego.   I was speechless and so happy to see him.   It made the day all that much better.   There were more things that happened as a big surprise, but I am saving them for another post.

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Norm at the Keyboard.

I’m back, sitting here at my computer keyboard as Karen is   involved with another project.   So that gives me the opportunity to write a post for her.   I like doing things for her, and I especially like doing things with her.   We have a lot of fun just doing the simplest of things.   We don’t have to do something spectacular to have fun.   And we talk to each other a lot.   I have to be honest, I do a lot of listening.   But there again, I really don’t mind.   In fact, kind of enjoy it. And I certainly enjoy her.

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