Are Watches Retro?

Lately I’ve noticed that people look at their cell phones to note the time. Remember when people used to wear watches? It seems to me that looking at your wristwatch is a lot quicker than pulling your cell phone out of your pocket or purse just to note the time.

With all the bling that you see on cell phone cases, I still think there’s nothing better than a beautiful wristwatch, such as a Bulova watch, to adorn your wrist. Maybe it’s retro or maybe it’s just classic, it’s certainly more practical.

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Good Idea.

There is no question that a gun safe is a good idea.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a hand gun or shotgun or riffle, to have a secure place to store a gun and ammunition, is the best thing to do.

I come from a family that loved to hunt in the Colorado Rockies and my father was very clear when he let my brother and I, as kids, use guns that safety came first.  It was a lesson that is still firmly in my mind.


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Playing by Ear

I come from a family of musicians. Everyone in my family can play an instrument except me. My mother can play piano and the accordion. My father used to play the violin when he was a teenager and my brother can play guitar and piano. I’m just really good playing music on my iPod. I love to listen to all kinds of music – jazz, classical, soft rock, country and easy listening. It just depends on my mood. The other day I saw a listing for monster cable headphones for sale and I’m thinking they might be just the thing for enjoying music from my iPod. I’ll have to put it on my wish list.

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Toothbrush Solution for Weak Hands

When you have a progressive disability like Spinal Muscular Atrophy you lose your muscle strength little by little. As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost even more strength as the years go by. After my hospitalization with pneumonia last November I’ve noticed a major decrease in the strength in my right hand and arm. Things I used to be able to do by myself like brushing my teeth have become nearly impossible.

For years I have been using a Sonicare toothbrush to make it easier to keep my teeth clean. However, the past few months I’ve noticed it harder and harder to hold the toothbrush. I find that it’s just too heavy for me and I become fatigued from just the minimal effort it takes to hold the toothbrush in my mouth. Sometimes I just couldn’t do it at all and having someone else brush your teeth with a motorized device in your mouth can be quite painful.

A manual toothbrush is certainly lightweight by comparison, but requires more physical effort to actually clean the teeth. It just didn’t work for me. I began searching the Internet for an alternative device and came across a travel battery-operated sonic toothbrush.

It works fantastic for me! It only weighs about 2 ounces plus the weight of a AAA battery. It’s much smaller in diameter and therefore it easier to grip. I was able to use the toothbrush this morning and rejoiced in the independence I have regained in oral care.

It comes with two toothbrush heads and one AAA battery for about $15 altogether. A very affordable solution for me.

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Gift Ideas for Mom

So Easter is over and now it’s time to think about Mother’s Day. What to get mom? For the busy person a quick search online for mothers day 2012 gifts delivered would be a great solution. Just click and pay and the gift is on its way.

However, sometimes it’s nice to make a gift for your mother. And, if you’re the creative type and handy with electronics, I’ve got a great gift idea. In the age of smart phones, iPad’s and iPods why hasn’t someone invented a smart refrigerator with a grocery store scanner and built-in computer with Wi-Fi? Think about it… You put your groceries in the refrigerator and barcode scanner reads each item just like the grocery store checkout and enters the information for the product into the refrigerators database. Each time you take out an item from the refrigerator the database is updated to reflect either less quantity of that particular item or it reminds you, via your smart phone app, to add that item to your grocery list. So when you get to the grocery store you pull up your shopping list on your smart phone it’s easy to know that you only have three eggs and half a carton of juice left.

Now please be aware that I am not a mother, but if I were a mother, I think this would be a great gift.

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A couple of weeks ago I was at my doctors having a checkup.  She wanted to know how I was recovering from last months hospital stay.  We talked about all the things that went on at the hospital and how I was feeling, etc. There was the usual taking a vitals with all the equipment that always fascinates me – the stethoscope, the blood pressure kit, the pulse oximeter and the thermometer.  My eyes wandered over to the wall and I saw the Welch Allyn equipment.  This reminded me that my year has been bothering me for a couple of days.  She looked into my ear with the otoscope to see what might be going on in my ear canal.  The next thing I know I’m having my ear irrigated because it’s so plugged up with wax she can’t see my eardrum. It didn’t actually hurt, but it wasn’t a lot of fun. At least I can hear better now!

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