Different Direction.

Growing up in Denver as I did, I can remember when I would spend hours practicing on my Coronet.  I got pretty good with it, and I think I even played in the school band.  When I think about that, they had to accept me.   No, back in those day being PC hadn’t gotten into the schools. Today I would look at martin guitar at musicians friend if I was able to take myself back to that age.

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Listening to my Purple GE AM Radio.

There I was, in my room, listening to my GE Purple Tube AM radio with the dial all aglow hearing the music of Les Paul and Mary Ford.  I knew it was them within 3 seconds of their song starting.  It was so unique.

If I would want to attempt to recreate that sound I would have to have an MF epi Les Paul.  I could use my audio mixer and computer to lay down a track or two.  Then I would play DJ for myself.  Oh, what fun!


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Good Idea.

There is no question that a gun safe is a good idea.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a hand gun or shotgun or riffle, to have a secure place to store a gun and ammunition, is the best thing to do.

I come from a family that loved to hunt in the Colorado Rockies and my father was very clear when he let my brother and I, as kids, use guns that safety came first.  It was a lesson that is still firmly in my mind.


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Les Paul Mary Ford

The names listed in today’s title are two of the musical favorites from the time I was growing up in Denver, and would spend hours glued to my G.E. AM Radio listening to the music out of that One little speaker.

As I think about how much I loved that music I was a little surprised that I didn’t drive my Mom and Dad nuts asking them to let me buy a gibson les paul classic custom guitar.  I might have been a great guitar player back then.

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Sunmmer in the Colorado Mountains.

Living in Colorado as I did growing up, each summer I would go to camp and do all the normal things such as hiking, and riding horses, but there were also crafts available,   and while I liked to ride the most, I always enjoyed the time I spent do crafts.

Making my Mother gifts using Swarovski Crystal Beads , always earned me points when I returned home to Denver and gave out Christmas and Birthday gifts that I had made myself.

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Something Karen never used.

Tire chains are something that Karen doesn’t use on her wheelchair here in Sunny Arizona.

But I know what they are all about.   Having grown up in the mile high City, Denver, Colorado I spent many a winter helping my Dad put tire chains on the 1949 Nash that our family had.   Then I did the same with the Oldsmobile that he bought as well as the Dodge Station Wagon.

I found a way to get around them with my first car. I purchased a Corvair the first year they came out.  See it below. I miss that car.

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