24 Day 5 3:00 a.m.

Another good episode. Audrey and Jack Bauer share a moment together before things will get worse again. The writers put this in the story line because they know Jack Bauer needs psychological inducement to keep doing all the things he does to protect the country.

Bierko will get away because CTU just can’t seem to find people who aren’t connected in some way to the sinister plot.

Karen Hayes thinks that she can trust Miles and tells him the secret — big mistake! Miles is a bad guy after all — that was easy to figure out.

The evil puppet master Graham seems to be able to get his plot accomplished without even trying since Miles is now part of the plan having given President Logan a reprieve just before he was about to pull the trigger.

And poor Chloe is going to look like an idiot when she plays the now blank recording for the Attorney General. Stay tuned — it’s going to get better!

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24 Day 5 2:00 A.M.

24 is a show about a man named Jack Bauer but for me it’s all about a woman named Chloe O’Brian. She is my favorite character on show. I like the way she handles herself with a computer as well as dealing with incompetent coworkers, bosses who just get in the way, and jerks who want to waste her time when she is obviously trying to help Jack Bauer protect national security. I would love to have her computer skills! She’s a great asset to Jack Bauer and CTU because she seems to always be one step ahead in researching what information is needed to help Jack Bauer fight the good fight.

In this episode it was good to find out that the new head of CTU, Karen Hayes from Homeland Security, isn’t as bad as we thought. She doesn’t trust what President Logan is up to and I’m not surprised because after all her name is Karen, and I know from personal experience that most Karen’s are intelligent and trustworthy people.

So at the end of this episode we learn that the evil puppet master Graham has picked up the call from Chloe to Karen and orders Logan to shoot down the plane now that Jack Bauer has the phone recording in his possession once again. What I want to know is how did Graham pick up the call from Chloe to Karen? Somebody has clued him in and that person is probably the mole. Who could it be? We won’t know until next week or the week after. The two-hour finale is on May 22. Guess what I’ll be doing that evening?

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24 Day 5 1:00 a.m.

This was a fast paced episode. So much happened that I can hardly remember it all. I won’t even try and give a recap of this episode because I’m sure I would leave out a lot of stuff. Every time a commercial break came I felt as though I had seen a two-hour movie in 15 minutes. It was mind boggling!

A couple of things from this episode do stand out in my mind. Could Secretary Heller still be alive? He did roll down the window to his car so it’s possible he could swim out of the car once he hit the water, but it was a long drop. What really happened to Agent Pierce? Did he get reassigned or did they do something to him? Did he leave the cell phone on the ground for Mrs. Logan to find as a clue? And who is this new guy — Grim? He certainly seems to be running things and telling President Logan what to do.

Chloe had some great lines in this episode. I liked the way she ordered her boss to do things and then kept apologizing for having to give him orders. It’s a good thing he’s the kind of guy that knows when to get out of the way of an expert.

Oh, I nearly jumped out of my skin when Audrey was grabbed from behind and then I saw that it’s only Curtis to the rescue. What a show — can’t wait till next week.

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