My Success Enabler

Ever since I can remember I’ve always needed help to do things. Having been born with SMA, a motor neuron disorder, I never walked and could not do the things one does for oneself. My mother, like most mothers, was my caregiver from day one. As a baby she fed me and bathed me and changed my diapers. She carried me around or pushed me in the baby stroller. I never crawled and I never walked. When I became too big for the baby stroller she pushed me around in a child sized wheelchair.

As I went to grade school she continued to do all the things for me I could not do for myself. I succeeded in school despite the challenges of my physical limitations and those limitations placed on me by ignorant people. My mother enabled me to succeed because she made it possible for me to go to school every day, to play games with the neighbor kids, and to be a functioning member of the community.

Not only did my mother care for me, she also taught me about Jesus and showed me what it means to be a follower of Christ. Her faith in and love of God gave her the grace to care for me.

I graduated high school and went on to college where I earned a bachelors and masters degree. I could not have done any of those things without the daily help of my mother. I thank God for her! Yes, there were other people in my life who also enabled my success, but my mother was the one who took on the task of my daily care. She did it for 34 years. This Mother’s Day I want to acknowledge her as the best mother ever!

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  1. pb
    May 21, 2012

    Good stuff! She can’t be much older than I am, Blogsister…