General Hospital

A few weeks ago I was hospitalized for about 48 hours.   I had not been feeling well for several days and ended up going to the ER in the middle of the night.   I’m doing okay, and fortunately it turned out to be a minor illness.   I’ve been hospitalized many times in my life and every experience is a little different.   Overall, this was probably one of the better experiences.   If you’re not in pain and not very ill, being in the hospital can be an interesting and sometimes humorous experience.   Overhearing conversations between doctors and other patients or between nurses and each other made me feel like I was in a soap opera.   Another thing I noticed is that hospitals will give you little gifts as a way of saying thank you, or perhaps to make you feel better.   There was a washbasin, a small box of tissue, a very small comb and a tiny bottle of talcum powder.   I wish there had been some face moisturizer because that’s what I needed.   Next time I will remember to bring my own.