Nice Surprise

So I’m out in front of our house waiting for Norm to join me so we can go out for lunch.   I noticed a hummingbird flying around so I watched it to see where it would land.   Hummingbirds are so fascinating to me the way their wings flutter so fast like a helicopter.   One would think they run on batteries.   Anyhow, it landed in a low branch on our pine tree.   This is the only low branch we have and I’d say it’s about 6 feet off the ground at the lowest point.   It’s right in front of our living room window.   As I continued looking at the hummingbird I realized he or she was sitting on a nest.   I moved in closer trying not to disturb the tiny bird.   Yes, it really was a nest.   After we got home from lunch I went inside the house and looked out the front window to see if I could find the nest again.   I got an even better view of it from inside the house as you can see below in the photograph taken by Norm.     What a nice surprise.   I wonder how long it will be before the baby birds hatch?

Hummingbird on nest

Hummingbird on nest. Photo by