Improving Life

Back again, writing a blog while Karen is off doing something else.

Karen has asked me several times to write blogs for her.   And I, being such a great husband, gladly step up to the keyboard.

I’m going to write about myself, it’s the subject I know the most about.   Lately, I have been finding that I have all sorts of pains and find that I am very unstable when I walk.   I am in the habit, since returning from California and the Christmas Holiday, again walking each day down to the end of the block and Hitting the Stop Sign.   After coming back, I have to tell you there were a couple days that I really thought it was a mistake to be out walking, but I completed the walk each day and made it back to the house.   A couple of my friends, who are a few years younger have suggested that I look for the   best vitamin for men,   telling me that it would help with my body strength. May just have to do that.