Vacation Dreams

Oh, how I want a vacation!   My annual vacation is spent in San Diego staying with my family.   I have yet to be able to go this year and quite frankly it’s rough but I’m handling it okay.   Since Norm and I got married we only had one real vacation and that was two nights in Sedona about nine years ago.   Since then we’ve only been able to visit my family in San Diego when we want to get away.   I’m not sure Norm considers it a real vacation since he has to spend it with his in-laws.   🙂

My idea of a vacation is usually just to be with my family and away from home in a different environment without daily responsibilities.   However, there was a time in my life when I had big dreams for vacation time.   If I had the means to do it I would love to travel.   I’d like to spend some time on the East Coast but nowhere near New York City.   I would look into Myrtle Beach vacation rentals as I hear it’s a beautiful place.   I also like to see the Smoky Mountain area.   Heading to the north I would like to visit Maine or Vermont.   In the Midwest I have been to St. Louis and Kansas City, so perhaps I’d like to go to Ohio or Illinois.   Of course I’d have to see places like Montana and Wyoming were the sky goes on forever.   Seattle would be nice to visit and so would Portland, Oregon and the far reaches of northern California.   But when it comes right down to it I would just as soon go to San Diego as anywhere else.   Let’s face

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  1. Dixie Sampier
    Sep 9, 2009

    Sorry that in-laws are a stress matter!