The Blogger’s Life

My life has been rather busy of late and I haven’t had the time to compose something exciting for my vast audience on the Internets.   I’ve been playing around a lot with computer code like CSS and HTML and even fooling around a little bit with PHP.   Now you might think I’m involved with software development, but actually it has to do with Internet stuff.   More on that some other time.   The point of this post is to bemoan the blogger’s life.   Although I do enjoy blogging and think about it a lot, it just doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

When you’ve been blogging for a number of years, like I have, you go about your daily activities thinking to yourself, “oh, I’m so blogging about this when I get a chance.”   Sometimes while riding in the car, or laying in bed at night, I even compose blog posts in my head.   Unfortunately, when I do have a chance to work on my blog, I can’t remember what it was I wanted to blog about!   So frustrating!

Believe me when I tell you that I have been coming up with some good ones lately.   If only I could remember them.

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  1. Richard
    Jun 11, 2009

    As another blogger with a hit-and-miss frequency of posts, I think blogging should be like conversation– write when you have something to say. Otherwise, remain mum.

    But your posts are always fun to read! Write when the Muse stirs you.