She’s a Rascal Cat

GG the Rascal Cat

GG the Rascal Cat

Norm and I have this crazy cat we call GG.   She keeps us quite amused when she isn’t driving us crazy.   If she isn’t running and hiding when people come over, she’s driving Norm crazy begging for his attention and then running away from him when he reaches down to pet her.   She also likes to steal stuff and mess things up when you’re not looking.   She will take things off of our desks and the bedroom dresser top.   It’s a good thing she can’t reach the lighting fixtures, because I’m sure she’d find a way to swing from them.   Just the other day Norm had laid down a large towel on the bed for me to lay on when I got out of the shower.   As soon as he put it on the bed, GG came and mixed it up.   He scolded her and straightened it out again.   Not five minutes later he came out of the bathroom only to find she had done it again.   Oh that rascal cat!

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  1. GrannyJ
    Jun 6, 2009

    Your rascal cat looks a lot like my Max cat. He, too, likes to plop down on things I have laid out on my bed, for example, clothes or a towel. Buy I love him. Mostly.