What Gift should I get?

With my wife away, that’s why you are seeing blogs written by me, the backup team, it’s a perfect time for me to think about, even if I had a means of transportation, which I don’t, to go out and look around for the gift of all gifts to give her on Christmas Day.   And if I can’t hold in my excitement, Christmas Eve.   That’s always a fun day to open up presents.   In the Seeley household in Denver, we started doing that, but there was a rule that was put in place.   Only one present could be opened on Christmas Eve, so you had to do some thinking prior to tearing open a package, If you weren’t careful, Mom had wrapped some undershirts in a big package with a brick to foul you into thinking it was something that it wasn’t and that it had to be open before all others as it would be the most fun to play with or use.     She got me several times.

I have been lucky buying things for Karen, whether Christmas or her birthday by quickly entering a store and picking the first item that strikes my eyes.     I’ve had the best luck in jewelry stores, so it stands to reason I do well where they have   wholesale fashion jewelry .