This is the Season

It’s going to be several days before Karen is back to take care of writing her blog so in the mean time you are going to get to read stuff from me, the second team.

Each year we face the “Season” where we are bombarded about so much.   Advertising will reach a peak over the next few weeks, in fact it sure seems that it’s getting earlier each year for us to be the targets of Holiday sales.   Now if you really look at it and remember the very first time you said that, it’s many many years ago so it’s most likely just a feeling that comes over us each year.   I know my mother used to say, “There ought to be a Law”.   Don’t think so.   But that’s what she would say.

One thing that you can be sure of this time of year is that what you consume is going to go up.   Or maybe I should put that a different way, you will be confronted with more choices of sweets, food and things to drink and not necessarily in that order.   It really does take strength to say no to absolutely every thing.   I’ll just a “One Bite”….then you find the whole dish is gone and you feel like having more.   And it doesn’t happen just once but day after day.   And it doesn’t stop even as we move into a new year, just another reason to be faced with more goodies and food by the truck load.   I guess one needs to remember that there are products like Orovo out there.   If you succumb, there is a way to undo the damage.