Turkey Day.

I realize that the official Turkey Day was last Thursday, and I celebrated in spirit, but not with a meal of Turkey and all the trimmings. Just didn’t happen that way.   But thanks to Linda and Gerry, that changed as of lunch today.   I got to feast on real Turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans and onions, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, and a roll.   They brought it over last night and I heated it up, all but the cranberry sauce, and I have to tell you it hit the spot.

I must admit to you all, that I’m not a big green bean fan, but the combination of green beans and onion, talk about flavors working together.   Very, Very tasty.   I could even go for some more of that.   I might even when Karen gets home try making a batch myself.     Then again, it might be better to try it before Karen is back just so I can practice and get it at least close to the way it tasted today.   Down right good.   Yes, it’s Norm hailing veggies.

Lately I have been careful on what I eat.   Not that I’m working to lose weight ,   as I have been below 300 for several months now.   I don’t, maybe I should have a urge to hit the 175 I was when I got out of High School. Talk about skinny.