Book Review: Once an Arafat Man

This weekend I read the autobiography of Tass Saada.   I could not put this book down it was so interesting.   His life is nothing like my own or anyone else that I know personally.   Tass grew up as a Palestinian refugee and by the age of 17 ran away from home to join the Palestinian liberation organization where he became a sniper and eventually Yasser Arafat’s chauffeur.   His book tells the story of those years all of anger and hatred and living the life of a terrorist.   He came to the US in the early 1970s where he met and married an American woman for the sole purpose of gaining a green card.   But, God had other plans.   I won’t go into the story because you’ll want to read it for yourself.

Norm and I met Tass in early September 2001.   He spoke at my father’s church in San Diego telling of his previous life and his newfound life in Christ.   Tass came to know Christ through a friend of my family, Charlie Sharpe, whom I have known since I was a child.   It was interesting to read his life story and to find myself “connected” through a dear friend.   Tass and his wife Karen operate a humanitarian organization called Hope for Ishmael and for the past couple of years I have followed along with their travels and missions through their newsletter and website.   Often times they will send out an e-mail asking for prayer and it is my privilege to join with them in bringing their requests to God to intercede in the work they are doing to help those who have no hope.

This book taught me much about the hopelessness faced by Palestinian refugees as well as many Muslim Arabs around the world.   Tass explains the history of his people and gives great insight into the conflict as it stands today.   You’ll want to read this book not only to learn more about this man’s amazing life, but also to understand what the conflict between Jews and Arabs is really all about.   Tass carries a message of reconciliation and hope for Arabs and Jews.

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