The Choice

Tuesday, Election Day, we all have choices to make.   I’m hoping everyone makes the right choice when it comes to elected officials especially the office of President of the United States.   I’m choosing to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin because I believe they are the best choice for our country.   I support a culture of life where the right to life is protected by the government.   The next president will nominate Supreme Court justices, two or even perhaps three.   The Supreme Court has superseded the right to life with a “supposed right” to privacy and that to me is an injustice of the worst kind.   All innocent human life has a right to exist.   To declare otherwise is to put yourself in the place of God.   The most vulnerable of our society, those in the womb, the infirm and the elderly, are at risk.

I also believe that government needs to get out of the way of the free exercise of commerce and the right of free association.   If Barak Obama becomes president we will end up with a socialist system.   Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried.   This idea of redistributing wealth does not create wealth.   Only individuals and groups of individuals who join together to do so can create wealth and opportunity for others to do likewise.   The government only gets in the way.   Giving money to those who did not have federal income tax liability will not create jobs it will destroy job opportunities.   It’s better to give people the opportunity for jobs than it is to give them a small amount of money.   Small businesses will be destroyed by increased taxes.

Another thing that disturbs me about an Obama presidency is his authoritarian ways.   Those who have spoken out against him and his policies are under intense scrutiny without justification.   Newspapers who did not endorse him had their reporters booted from his press plane.   There will be no freedom of the press under an Obama administration.   Joe the plumber had his private government records investigated without cause because he questioned Obama’s tax policies.   We will all be under a microscope just like those people who lived under communism in Russia, East Germany, Cuba and elsewhere around the world.   Our economy could end up like Zimbabwe where farmland was taken from those who owned it and given it to those who had no ability to farm it.   Their economy is the worst in the world.   What right does the government have to take from one and give to someone else?   None whatsoever!

I don’t even understand how Obama could take the oath of office when he sees our Constitution as fundamentally flawed.   The president takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.   Obama wants to change it, but not in the way that is constitutionally set forth.   He will be dangerous for our country.