Feels Like Fall

We’ve seen a sudden change in the temperatures this weekend and it’s nice.   Yesterday was rather gray and it didn’t rain until last night, but it sure looked cold out while we drove around during the day.   You can tell it’s October now because it’s not triple digits, it’s cooler at night and our favorite pizzeria, Patsy Grimaldi’s, was quite busy yesterday during lunch.

We ended up sitting in the bar area because all the other tables were taken in the main dining room.   We sat at one of those high top tables which is no problem now that I have a riser on my wheelchair.   The table next to us had a bunch of college-age men sharing multiple pizzas.   I couldn’t help but notice the strange pimples on the back of the neck of one of the guys seated closest to us.   At first I was thinking the poor guy needed some serious acne treatment.

Upon further staring, when the other guys were looking my direction, I realized that it wasn’t pimples on the back of his neck.   No, they were spikes.   I’m not kidding.   When the guys left their table I asked our server, a young college aged guy himself, what was the deal with those spikes on the back of the one guy’s neck.   He didn’t notice them, but when I explained what I saw he got all grossed out and said they were piercings.   His roommate had them and he thought they were rather dangerous being so close to one’s spinal column.   I agree!

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  1. pb
    Oct 5, 2008

    “it’s not triple digits”

    You know, I’m pretty sure I prefer the frosty nights we are having here. We can always wear a coat, hat and gloves.

    I would be a prisoner indoors in your neck of the woods.