The Pulse of America

I watched in awe as Governor Sarah Palin wiped the floor with Senator Joe Biden at Thursday night’s debate.   She showed class and grace under fire and that she has an appealing message to Americans.   It would have been interesting to have seen a pulse oximeter hooked up to Joe during the debate.   I bet his pulse went up, and up and up as she exceeded everyone’s expectations.   Too bad he had to lie his way through the debate. He also showed us that a law degree and 30 years in the Senate does not make you a constitutional scholar.   He doesn’t even know what the Constitution really says about the role of vice president.   Way to go Joe!

Governor Sarah Palin definitely puts excitement into this horserace and get the pulse going!

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  1. Cami Manson
    Oct 6, 2008

    Your comment about having a pulse oximeter made me laugh. I agree it would have been interesting to see the reading skyrocket throughout the debate.

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