Take A Spin on the Wheel

The other day we went grocery shopping since there was nothing left to eat in the house except for cat food. We enjoy going to the grocery store together going up and down the aisles deciding what we want. It’s a pleasanter experience when the people at the store are eager to assist you in finding what ever you are looking for like drinking straws, pecans or the best diet pills. No, I’m not really looking for those, but I’m sure they would have looked for those had we asked.

After about 30 minutes of shopping we go to the checkout aisle. The checker rings up our total and announces that because we purchased $100 worth of groceries we get to take a spin on the wheel. She hands us our receipt and points us to the customer service desk where we find a homemade prize wheel of fortune marked with numerous grocery store items listed as prizes.

Norm takes a spin on the wheel and it stops on “eight pack AA batteries.” Oh wow! Something we can really use. At least we didn’t get stuck with something like a package of baloney. Norm would have appreciated that but not me. Around our house we can always use extra AA batteries. I guess it was our lucky day.