Back home again…in…Indiana…make that Arizona

You are so lucky that you don’t have to hear me singing. Karen and I, went to San Diego for about ten days, as she has been telling you about over the last few days. And just a few minutes ago, it hit me that I’m back home… and I started to sing, remembering an old song…but had to quickly change it from Indiana to Arizona. You are lucky you weren’t here. I have a great voice.


Karen and I have been home a couple days. I for one have been using the time to try to catch up on resting. Seems like there is more to do there than here. Maybe it’s cause I know where things are here and not over there. We also took time to play tourist and see some of Karen’s friends.

You could title the trip…Driving Miss Karen. I would look so good in a cap and grey coat. But our van doesn’t resemble a limo. Almost as expensive, but not quite. Instead of a window that goes up and down between me, the driver, and Karen… we have a ramp on the side that goes up and down.

Today, we went to our church, E3, out to lunch and then home and my older brother came over… we talked about a lot of different things. From flooring, hot water heaters and I think even life Insurance rates .

Don’t know if you know, we have two cats and our youngest, heads for the master bedroom when ever she hears someone even near the front door. Today was no exception. Normally however, once she hears my brother talking she will come out and climb all over him. Besides myself, she doesn’t do that with any one. Just me and my brother. But today, I guess she didn’t like what he was saying and steered clear of the living room.

It’s good to be back home again. Even if it’s not Indiana.