Friday Night Fun

Traditionally Friday night is date night for couples, and sometimes Norm and I do participate in that tradition.   Last night we had a date with old friends and new friends from E3.   Not everyone was part of a couple, so it was really just one big group date which is a lot of fun.   Rather than watching a movie from someone’s home theater seating, we met at J. & S.’s home for a pot luck salad bar dinner.   Twelve of us sat around the table enjoying a fresh meal and even fresher conversation.

T. was in charge of entertainment for the evening so she had us all answer a bunch of questions that lead to even more questions and some very entertaining conversation.   I think the first question we had to answer was to name three jobs you have had in your life.   We had quite a diverse list of jobs mentioned including dishwasher, pastry chef, Hormel meat factory cleanup crew, theater popcorn dispenser, teacher, banker, radio announcer and secret shopper.

Later we got to choose which of three questions to answer.   The first was what is one thing you want to do before you die.   The second was to name a book you read that you would recommend.   And, the third choice was to describe a valuable lesson you’ve learned.   Somehow this conversation got really silly which might have been caused by all the sugar we were consuming as it was during dessert.

All in all it was a Friday night full of fun and I’m glad we got to participate.