TV Dinners

Norm was about to make a grilled cheese, tomato and pesto sandwich for me when he realized we were out of bread.   OK, plan B. he’s on his way to In-n-Out Burger to pick me up a number three combo since we have no other food in the house.

Because it’s just the two of us and we’re together all day, we usually watch TV while we eat dinner.   I don’t recommend this for most married couples because it doesn’t encourage conversation, but we talk all day long so it’s no big deal to us.   Over the years we have learned there are certain TV programs you don’t watch while you’re eating.   For instance, CSI: Las Vegas.   I mean who wants to watch them dissecting a murder victim while you’re munching down on a hamburger?   Dirty Jobs is another show I don’t watch while eating.   Also, it’s good to avoid any kind of documentary that deals with the human body or insects.   Comedies are also quite dangerous to view while dining because you could choke on your french fries while laughing at the latest antics of Frasier Crane.   About the only safe programs for viewing while dining are anything discussing the stock market or term life insurance.