Once an Arafat Man

Back in early September 2001 Norm and I were visiting my family in San Diego for Labor Day weekend. That Sunday we were privileged to hear the personal testimony of Tass Saada. My father met Tass while visiting an old friend in Missouri. Tass is a very interesting person because he has lived a life most of us would never imagine. As a young man he was a trained sniper for the Palestinian army and fought against the Israeli army during the 1960s. Now he does humanitarian work uniting Arabs and Jews around the world. Over the years I have gotten to know Tass and his wife Karen through the Internet and their son Ben through his blog. Tass has written an autobiography coming out this fall in which he talks about the conflict in the Mideast and its roots while sharing the story of how the conflict in his heart was defeated by the love of God.

Check out his blog, Once an Arafat Man, and read excerpts from his book. The English version of the book will be available September 15, 2008.